Notice of temporary closure

Notice of self-restraint

Temporary closure for the time being due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

I was very worried about making a decision.

I feel sorry for customers who come to the store to have fun, and that it might be something we can do to make your "home time" fun even if you take it out. And the financial anxiety of taking leave.
For it,

The current situation is that there are important people who can be helped and lives that can be protected by avoiding places where people come into contact with people for a short time.

Our shop is a place where people can gather, though not many.

Providing "healing and health" places and meals is the concept of our shop.

In such a situation, under the ever-changing situation, we decided to take temporary closure considering what we can do now to "return to the world as soon as possible".
Information on future business resumption will be provided on the website and SNS at any time. We wish the end of the coronavirus as soon as possible and the health and safety of everyone. It will be a hurry, and we are very sorry for your inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding.