Welcome to Elly’s cafe!

Everyone can laugh and eat together at the same table …

Recently, I feel that there are more and more ways of thinking and making choices about food due to food preferences, allergies, and lifestyles.
I feel that the range of ideas and choices about food has been increasing.
Plant-based VEGAN (= food without animal ingredients) is
I believe that plant-based VEGAN (= food that does not use animal ingredients) is safe, reliable, and friendly to the body, animals, and the global environment.
However, don’t think that it is difficult to cook without meat or eggs.
We have prepared a meal that will make everyone smile.
“What? Not meat? I hope you enjoy them!
We hope this will be an opportunity for you to experience a variety of meals and practice a healthy lifestyle.

With a wish that everyone wants to make a dish that smiles and says, “It’s delicious!” I’m looking forward to seeing you all!

Thank you!